Over the last few years the plumbing industry has jumped on green bandwagon. Eco friendly appliances hit the marketplace and now are the norm in our households.

From a plumbers perspective it is a green paradise. From solar water heaters, to composting toilets, point of use heaters, irrigation systems, and rain sensors to low flow showerheads.

Your clients are relying on you to not only fix a leaky faucet, but assist them in working on building or remodeling an eco friendly home. In addition, green-design principles are being rapidly accepted by local, state, and federal agencies, and by major U.S. corporations.

Owners of new developments who employ green design are using it as a strategy to separate their properties from their non-green competition. And the same holds true for plumbers.

Owners of existing properties, and to those developing new construction projects, are beginning to assess the greenness of their buildings and plan improvements to bring them into compliance with green standards.

These greener standards hold true for all aspects of your plumbing business. Whether you are a small business focusing on the individual homeowners, or a large scale contractor working on multi- million dollar projects you cannot afford to go just a little green.

Want to know how to turn your current plumbing business green? Do your research.
Is your location appropriate for solar panel hot water heaters?

Can you afford to train an employee or yourself as a Solar Thermal Systems Contractor?
If you answered yes, GO GREEN!
Find a training facility in your location, research solar panel manufacturers, and companies that specialize in solar heating water systems.

On the other hand you may live or service an area where the sun doesn’t offer much promise, maybe it’s Washington. If this is the case, go green based on your location, using natural elements with your clients will provide the most success to an environmentally friendly plumber.

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Promote using rainwater roof collected in a water tank can most easily and cheaply be used for non-drinking purposes. About 25% of a home’s water use is for toilet flushing, 20% for clothes-washing, and another 10% is used on the garden.

By setting up a relatively cheap and simple collection system for these three uses alone, you can reduce your client’s consumption by up to 55%. At current water prices this is a saving of about $400 annually for a typical three-person household.

Installing low flow toilets, this is probably the simplest way for you to implement these green plumbing tactics. Your clients have heard of these new fangled systems, while they not even know the green benefits; they will see a cost reduction in their water and sewer bills each month.

Be sure to work with a manufacturer that is known in your local area this promotes your fellow businessmen and allows the customer to feel comfortable doing business with both you. This will enable your organization to cross promote and add a little advertising to your business.

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