Although the term, grease trap; is not commonly associated with plumbing, it is a vital part of the plumbing system, especially in restaurants or other heavy cooking facilities.

Grease traps collect grease and oils, preventing them from going into the sewer system.

Grease traps need monthly cleaning and regular maintenance to prevent build-up that could result in a drain blockage.

Various types of grease traps need to be cleaned differently. In fact, when it comes to cleaning grease traps, a plumber is best equipped to do the job, as they have the necessary tools and supplies.

The grease trap gasket is delicate and the cover must be removed very carefully. The oil and grease that sits on top of the water is removed with a ladle spoon or turkey baster. The baffles need to be cleaned and rinsed, and the bottom of the grease traps scraped to remove food particles. The last step is cleaning out the bypass venting.

The entire process is a lot of work and best left to a professional plumber.

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