To fix a slow drain you will need to decide what approach will be the best for you and your home. The most common cause of a slow drain is the buildup of hair and soap scum somewhere in your pipes.

Sometimes the clog is centralized in the trap and can be cleared by removing the trap and clearing the clog manually. However, access to the trap can be difficult, and this is a very dirty, hands-on method that most people would rather avoid if they could.

What other options are there? A safe and environmentally friendly method to clear a slow drain is to pour hot water down the drain. In order for this method to work effectively, there are a few things that you need to do.

First of all, let the drain completely empty. It may take some time but a slow drain will eventually clear. The less water between you and the clog the better this method will work. Secondly, determine how much water you can use without overflowing the sink, toilet or drain. Allowing the drain to overflow will only make a bad situation worse.

Once you have determined how much water your drain can handle, fill a large pot with water and bring it to a boil or near boil. It is important that you let the water cool, however, as pouring boiling water down a slow drain is dangerous. Once the water is about the temperature of a cup of hot tea, take the pot to the slow drain and pour in the water from about three to four feet above the drain. The extra pressure should help to clear the drain. Keep in mind that this method may not clear the drain immediately.

You should wait about thirty minutes before attempting this method a second time. If a second attempt still does not fix the slow drain, call a licensed plumber to fix the problem.

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