I learned how to fix a clogged toilet a long time ago because in our house, if you broke it, you fixed it.

The landlord of my first apartment actually required that we purchase a toilet plunger before we signed the lease (this should have been a warning sign.)

There are actually a number of different methods on how to fix a clogged toilet by yourself.

There are some very good reasons why calling the professionals is a better option when fixing a clogged toilet.

Admittedly, no one really wants to deal with the hassle and grossness involved in a clogged toilet. But no matter how good your plumbing, sooner or later we all have to clear a toilet that won’t drain.

I’ve always found the most effective method for fixing a clogged toilet is a good plunger. There are a number of different designs out there but they all perform the same basic function, moving water with enough force to clear the obstruction.

In my experience, as long as you avoid the least expensive option, plungers should all do an effective job of clearing a basic blockage.

Another good method for fixing a clogged toilet is a little dish soap and hot water. Make sure that the water line is shut off for this method.

Pour in a few squirts of dish soap and drop a couple of gallons of warm water from waist height down the drain. The water temperature should be about as warm as a cup of tea. Wait a few minutes for the clog to clear. If nothing happens, repeat a second time.

A clogged toilet can often be fixed quickly but if there is a blockage of a different nature, such as a children’s toy, using a plunger might actually make the situation worse.

A friend of mine who recently purchased a foreclosed property actually had a tree root growing through one of the basement pipes! All the plunging and hot water in the world wouldn’t help that situation.

Sometimes it is necessary to call a plumber or the seemingly small inconvenience of a clogged toilet could become a much more expensive headache.

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