Want to do a fiberglass bathtub installation?

Before you begin, be sure to check with your local building codes to insure proper installation.

First of all, you want to make sure the new tub will fit in the bathroom door. Often times when a builder installs a tub in a new house, they do it while they are framing the house.

Select a bathtub that has the drain on the same side as your old tub. Fiberglass bathtubs are designed with either a right or left side.

If you want a surround the installation must be square. If your area is square you can usually use a 3 piece tub surround set. If the area is not square, you will need to buy a 5 piece set. This will ensure that you have more pieces to work around the tub area.

To remove your tub, the first thing you need to do is turn off the water supply. Then open all the faucets to let the water drain out of the system. After that is done you can start to remove all the bathtub fixtures.

To ease in the removal, once you have the tub ready to come out, get a reciprocating saw and cut it in pieces. This will make it easier to get it out the door.

Your fiberglass bathtub installation is now ready. Check your plumbing to make sure it is going to line up with the new tub. If it does not you are obviously going to need to move it around.

Once you have the plumbing in the right spot, position the bathtub up against the studs and make sure it is level. This is also the time to install the overflow drain and bathtub stopper. Use silicon to seal around the bottom of the bathtub drain.

With the bathtub stopper in the closed position, check for leaks. Then once the plumbing is in use roofing nails to attach the tub to the studs. Check your user manual on the locations needed for your fiberglass bathtub installation

Once the fiberglass bathtub installation is complete you will want to install the surrounds. You are going to need to test-fit the pieces before actually installing them. Start with the piece that will go along the back wall. Tack it into place using the galvanized nails. Check to make sure it is level. Then work your way around leveling as you go.

After the walls are up you can use sealant to insure against leaks in the wall. The last step is to re-install the fixtures.

Your fiberglass bathtub installation is now complete.

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