family mediationWhen two people decide to legally separate or divorce, they undergo a number of different challenges and stressful situations.

From trying to determine who will retain control or possession of property and other possessions, to issues regarding child custody, support, and visitation, divorce is a process that causes many people to push their limits.

The best way to avoid angry feelings from taking control is through family mediation.

Family mediation is appointed by the court where a divorcing or separating couple can discuss their situation and try to come to a workable solution on their own.

However, though family mediation is a time for the couple to discuss their situation together, it isn’t a time to talk without legal representation.

If you are going through either a divorce or a legal separation, hire a family law attorney and have your attorney with you throughout the family mediation sessions.

Family mediation isn’t always successful. It takes two people who are willing to lay aside their anger, frustration, and other emotional hurts to come to a reasonable solution to their problems.

A professional mediator leads the family mediation session. The mediator is a non-biased party who will listen fairly and help each party negotiate a fair solution. If family mediation isn’t successful, then a judge will determine a solution.