what are civil rightsExtortion is the act of using force, threats, bribery, violence, or slander to obtain, property, money, or assets from victims. Extortion differs from other types of thievery because in extortion cases, the threat of danger is not an imminent or danger that is immediate. It is important to understand that the nature of extortion is in the threat of force, blackmail, or bribery that is inflicted upon the victim. Extortion is also referred to as blackmail.

Because extortion often involves implied threats of impending force or violence, many are reluctant to report the crime to the police. Extortion often involves threatened violence against a victim’s family members, causing greater fear of harm or injury if the authorities are involved. However, when charges of extortion are brought forth it is important that the defendant contacts the services of a criminal defense attorney who is experienced with extortion cases.

Extortion cases may also involve ransom. Ransom is when someone uses a threat of force, harm, or violence against another individual in exchange for money, property, or assets. Ransom cases are often committed with kidnapping and the two acts are charged separately.

Another form of extortion is bribery. When bribery occurs, the defendant offers money, property, or something else to another person who will break the law to give someone something that they want. It’s important to understand that for bribery to be considered extortion, the act of bribery must have been committed under threat of force, violence, intimidation, or fear.

All states have laws regarding extortion and it is a felony offense. The nature of the extortion situation, the amount of money, property, or assets involved as well as the type of threat that was used will determine what type of consequences the defendant will be up against. If you have been charged with extortion, it is imperative that you see a criminal defense attorney immediately for a consultation.

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