How to Evaluate Specialty Lawyers – Legal Awards


Specialty lawyers are available in an overwhelming array. If you can imagine it, there’s a special kind of lawyer for it–from the more common specialties like family law and personal injury to extremely specific cases, like dog bites. There are even lawyers who specialize in disputes over online content just like the article you are reading right now. If you can buy it, sell it, use it, see it, hear it, touch it, taste it or smell it, you can find a lawyer for it.

The problem is, while all these specialties are meant to help make choosing an attorney more straightforward, they tend to only confuse clients. Looking for the right legal counsel is never a fun task. It’s normally in the face of some traumatic event and comes with its fair share of stress. Choosing a lawyer should be an easy process, turning your problems into solutions so you can move on with your life. To find out how best to approach the search, we turned to our panel of attorneys across the country.

Below you’ll find this week’s awarded comments! In a few days, we’ll take their comments and combine them with our own research for a comprehensive summary article on legal specialties.