They say that there are two things in life that are promised to everyone, death and taxes.

Though both are unavoidable, estate planning can help you deal with both.

Estate planning is the process where an individual takes legal steps to ensure that their property and personal affairs will be in order in the event of their death.

Estate planning will make certain that the individual’s instructions are carried out and that their possessions will be distributed according to their plan.

Before you begin estate planning, you need to have a clear understanding of your estate.

An estate includes all of your personal property, real estate that you own, all bank accounts including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, any other financial accounts, and insurance policies.

Taking the time needed to make certain that you have properly planned for your estate can save numerous hassles and legal hardships that may arise after your death. It isn’t uncommon for family members to disagree over property if an estate had not been planned beforehand.

Estate planning can also include prearranged funeral instructions.

Every person should take the necessary steps and meet with a lawyer who is experienced in estate planning. The lawyer will ensure that you have covered all areas and have drafted your estate plan according to law.