eLocal Blog-OffeLocal’s Blog-Off series, which unites professionals in the home improvement industry, is moving to the company’s main portal site, www.eLocal.com.

This is an effort to ensure eLocalPlumbers remains the best in class for plumbing advice. Moving eLocal’s Blog-Off to eLocal.com will allow for more diverse representation of home improvement issues.

During the initial phase of finding professionals to be on our panel of experts, we never imagined the response would be as overwhelming as it was. We have almost 60 home improvement experts participating in our Blog-Off, including contractors, interior designers, manufacturers, and green builders. Having professionals from so many different backgrounds has allowed us to better help homeowners by asking questions that pertains to the home as a whole, rather than just plumbing or electrical questions as we originally envisioned.

To make the series more relevant to all professionals and homeowners, we’ve decided to move the series to our main blog at eLocal.com/blog. We feel this will make more sense for both homeowners and our experts, and will allow for better organization on a larger range of home improvement topics.

So, please visit our blog at eLocal.com to see future Blog-Off rounds. If you haven’t already, please follow us on twitter at @elocalusa to be the first to know about eLocal Blog-Off happenings.

For more information on our Blog-Off series and to see a full list of contributors, please visit our Blog-Off announcement post.