eLocal Blog-OffWelcome to the 2nd Blog-Off article. If you missed reading about what the Blog-Off is and our mission to unite the home improvement industry, you can read more about it in our Blog-Off series announcement.

For this second Blog-Off, we are asking experts to predict the home improvement trends for 2011. From design to fixtures and layout to construction, all of 2011’s trends can be found here directly from the source—the experts.

Why We’re Asking

Home improvement projects are finally on the rise as the American economy slowly gets better. This makes now a more exciting time than ever to take on a renovation project and create that dream space. If your dream space isn’t set in stone or has become a little hazy as you stalled its implementation and you need some inspiration, we want to get you answers. No matter what stage of the remodeling process you’re in, you may be asking yourself what’s hot in the home improvement world? What trends are sweeping through the nation, inspiring homeowners everywhere? Which ones should you pay attention to and which ones should be forgotten?

We aren’t sure ourselves, so we’re turning to the experts for help. This Blog-Off is a little different from our first one. Rather than ask the experts privately, we’re asking them right here—out in the open for everyone to see. What does this mean? Homeowners will get the raw, unedited answers directly from the experts. It also gives you, the homeowners, an opportunity to ask the professionals for clarification directly. This is the forum to learn the insiders’ secrets for what home improvement trends are going to be hot in 2011, and which ones will last.

So experts, it’s time to weigh in:

What are the Home Improvement Trends for 2011?

What trends will be popular this year?
Designers: what is hot right now in terms of design, color, styles, and more?
Contractors: what new materials, techniques, types of projects, fixtures, layouts, and more will dominate 2011?

Most importantly, which trends are going to last and which ones will fizzle as passing fads? What is your professional opinion on trends in general: are they worth following?

Experts, post your answers in the comment field below! Homeowners, feel free to jump in, too!

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