Eco Institution Philosophy: Saving Green by Living Green


According to the San Diego-based Eco Institution, a leading environmental education firm, Eco Consulting is one of the fastest growing of the new “green jobs”.

More, Eco Consultants are seeking new avenues for becoming quickly trained in this profession,

But the new breed of Eco Consultants are more than environmental “good deed doers.”

They are also interested in helping homeowners and business owners to save money by implementing environmentally friendly practices, appliances, and fixtures—a process that the Eco Institution encapsulates in the phrase “Saving Green by Living Green.”

Thus, the Eco Institution focuses its training efforts on helping would-be Eco Consultants to demonstrate to their clients how “living green” and “saving green” go together.

By undertaking simple, relatively inexpensive steps—from wiser usage of lighting, heating, cooling, and water to improved insulation and replacement of old appliances—some families and businesses can save up to $2,000 or more each year. In addition, U.S. Federal tax credits for energy-efficient structural additions can save taxpayers up to an additional $1,500 in the coming tax year.

To learn more about the Eco Consulting profession—and to receive a limited-time, $1000 savings on training—please visit the Eco Institution’s web site at