In an economy in which jobs seem to be disappearing faster with each passing month, the pressures on families to develop alternative sources of income are intensifying.

No longer is a “job” the most assured means of putting food on a family’s table. In fact, labor force analysts increasingly believe that a variety of contingent or part-time work may be the best way to assemble an adequate income stream for many families in the years ahead.

The best of these part-time jobs are ones in which individuals acquire specialized and valuable skills that they then can sell to families and businesses in their own neighborhoods and communities.

One of the most exciting of these new part-time jobs is that of professional Eco Consultant. Although little known at present, Eco Consulting is part of the leading edge of “green jobs” that have been much in the news lately.

In fact, President Obama made the creation of green jobs—that is, jobs whose main purpose is to promote environmental education, environmental protection, and energy conservation—one of the priorities in the Federal economic stimulus package, signed into law earlier this year.

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