doctor mistakes negligenceWhen a person chooses a doctor, they enter into an agreement.

They expect that the doctor will provide them with the best care, resources, and information regarding their health.

They also expect that if an illness or disease is diagnosed, that their doctor will provide them with the best course of action for treating that condition.

When a doctor makes mistakes or is negligent in diagnosing conditions that cause harm to the patient, the doctor is guilty of medial malpractice.

We trust doctors for their expertise and are assured that they know what is best for our health and safety. However, when a physician makes an error that causes great harm to the patient’s well being, there may be serious, and sometimes life long consequences.

Physician mistakes and negligence may include failure to diagnose life threatening diseases and conditions, mistakes with prescription medication, injuries that take place during surgery, birth injuries, dental errors, and sexual abuse by medical professionals.

There is one common factor that determines whether or not the doctor is guilty of medical malpractice, and that is whether or not the mistake or error has led to a new condition.

Medical professional staff members make errors on a daily basis, but if those errors do not cause you pain or suffering, you cannot file a legitimate claim. However, if your condition has been grossly exaggerated or developed into a new health injury, then you have basis for a legitimate claim. The only way to determine whether or not your claim will hold up in court is to speak with an attorney.

The attorney will meet with you and provide you with an initial free consultation. During this time, he or she will listen to you explain your situation and will be able to determine whether or not they believe you have a case.

It is important to realize that many malpractice claims have a time limit; therefore you must contact an attorney as soon as you suspect your condition is due to physician error.