In this economy, DIY plumbing seems like the best way to save money on plumbing repairs for a lot of do-it-yourself extraordinaires who want to try their hands at fixing leaky faucets and dripping showerheads.

Buying a shower valve, turning off the water to the house, installing the new part, and turning the water back on appear to be fairly simple tasks, but small repairs sometimes are not so simple.

A typical homeowner embarking on a DIY mission to fix a shower valve would most likely begin at a hardware store, scouring the shelves for the parts he or she thinks they need.

The next steps, turning off the water to the house and executing the actual fix, are rarely accomplished on the first try by novice DIYers. Operating tools with the dexterity and accuracy that are needed for plumbing repairs does not come naturally to most do-it-yourselfers without much plumbing experience.

And, of course, most of these fixes are done outside of normal working hours, late in the evening or on weekends when homeowners have the time to tinker with their plumbing issues. So when something goes wrong, a wrong part purchased or a misbehaving valve, the homeowner inevitably will call a plumber.

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Calling around to get the best price on a plumber, now that the situation has been elevated to critical by a failed DIY attempt, adds frustration to the process, especially once the quote is given over the phone. Although a homeowner can save money by only paying for parts and not the labor fee charged by a plumber, some fixes require a professional.

A quick fix can easily turn into something more complicated, and dealing with these issues is best left to the people who fix what we can’t for a living. Plumbers know the ins and outs of pipes, valves, parts and what should be done in any given situation.

After all, the plumber you think is overcharging you might be paying a labor fee to a mechanic to complete a quick fix on his car this very minute.

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