Designers are trained to marry form with function, helping homeowners make their house look and feel more like a home. To accomplish their vision, designers rely on years of education and experience.

A good designer works with a homeowner and their ideas to create a space that is unique and beautiful. Any design professional can tell you that a big part of that process involves flexibility on both sides.

Why We’re Asking:

In most home improvement industries, collaboration between a homeowner and a professional isn’t too common. Rarely are there disputes with plumbers about how to fix a flooded basement and electricians don’t usually have to convince anyone of the benefits of working lights. But the job of a designer is very different.

When a designer enters a home, they immediately start to imagine the potential around them. We’re interested in finding out what happens when the homeowner has imagined something totally different.

So design experts, it’s time to weigh in:

What happens when Designers and Homeowners Disagree?

How do you reconcile the differences between what the designer and the homeowner wants?
Is part of your job to convince a homeowner that your ideas will ultimately work best?
Do designers ever turn down jobs because they don’t agree with the homeowner’s design ideas?

We’re looking for inspirational stories, working advice and helpful tips from our designers. Check back throughout the week to see what they have to say!

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