Design Flaws


When a product is defective a key element that often contributes to the product’s failure to work according to the manufacturer’s expectations is a design flaw.

If a product has a design flaw, it will never operate properly and often will cause injury to a consumer.

Design flaws are very frequently the causes of faulty products.

Design flaws are one of the main factors lawyers take into consideration when determining whether or not to represent clients in defective product claims and lawsuits.

Design flaws occur during the manufacturing process.

It may be that an established company manufactured a product that varied from their normal standards.

It may also be a flaw that wasn’t expected or anticipated.

Design flaws don’t only occur when a product isn’t built according to a standard or code. They can be the result of products that weren’t designed as safely as they could have been.

Design flaws are often found in toys and when they are discovered the toys are recalled. If injuries occurred before the toy is recalled, a class action suit may be filed.

There are times when a company is aware of a design flaw but markets and sells the product anyway.

Because consumer safety is the most important aspect to consider, when companies fail to uphold the safety of their products the law is always on the side of the consumer. The company will be held legally liable.