This world is full of choices. Solid or striped? Windows or Mac? Garlic-mashed or French-fried? Unfortunately, there is not too great a variety when it comes to bathtub faucets.

There are two types of faucets: older styles that make use of a rubber washer and newer kinds known as Delta faucets. These faucets do not use washers, but instead use a spring-system that helps regulate water through a cartridge.

But you want to know more about Delta bathtub faucet repair, don’t you? Fixing a bathtub faucet is fairly easy to do, requiring only steady hands and a basic knowledge of how the faucet works.

As always, it is necessary to shut off the water supply before undertaking a plumbing job. After this is done, remove the handle, cover plate, and o-ring (in that order) to access the inside of the piping. You will notice a brass-collar around the end of the pipe, which can be removed with an ordinary pair of pliers.

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You will notice a plastic-valve body within the housing of the pipe. This is what you are looking for. Bring this body into any hardware store to find spring-loaded seals that can fit into the body. When the seals are installed, work backwards and reassemble the faucet.

This job will probably require two to three hours barring any unforeseen problems. To avoid this trouble, consider hiring a plumber. Plumbers are experts at Delta bathtub faucet repair, and have all of these intricate parts right at their disposal. It will save you a lot of time, and may even be cheaper in the long run.

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