Curb traps, otherwise known as curb stops, are used to stop water from entering the home, as well as when repairs are being made to water and pipe lines.

The curb stop has a curb box which has a valve for opening and closing the curb stop.

The valve is never set for continual use or it may break.

The water company is typically called to shut down the curb stop. Because curb stops are delicate, most water companies prefer to do this part of the job themselves.

Your home has many different traps as well as the curb trap.

There is a trap for blocking sewer gases from entering the house. There are also traps in the toilet and sewer lines that prevent small animals from entering your home.

If your home didn’t have these traps, you would experience problems to your health, and in severe cases, possible explosions.

Plumbing makes use of many types of traps, as well as curb traps. Professional plumbers are the only ones qualified work with traps.

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