criminal taxCriminal tax charges are very serious and can result in stiff penalty fines as well as prison time.

The services of an attorney experienced in handling tax cases that have gone to trial are needed to plan a defense strategy.

It’s also important to understand that under no circumstance should you speak with IRS investigators without the presence or counsel of your attorney.

Since the penalties for criminal tax fraud and evasion are so severe, there is no other alternative than to hire the best attorney that you can afford. It is possible to reach an agreement with the IRS that will satisfy their requirements rather than spending time in a federal penitentiary.

It is important to understand that criminal tax investigations are not the same as an audit.

An audit is used by the IRS to determine if you have reported your income correctly.

A criminal tax investigation is the act of the federal government investigation for the purpose of criminal prosecution.

There are also many government organizations involved with criminal tax cases. The first is the CID, or the Criminal Investigation Division, but many other government agencies may be involved in a criminal tax case.