Everyone knows that you can repaint walls, switch out furniture arrangements, or go to a resale store for a quick switch-up. But how about some small fixes that anyone could do with items already in your home?

Look no further for great ideas on how to recycle odds and ends in your house to new uses! With these ideas, you’ll be able to save cash, be green, and declutter your home all in one.

1. All waste byproducts are fair game. Consider using old corks, cans, and bottle tops in different ways. For example, save corks to add to a jar as an eye-catching accessory for your home.

2. Bottles can be reused in a number of ways. For example, you can use wine bottles as candle holders, vases, or pendant lights.

3. Use wine corks as a cork board for notes and messages, or even as a trivet.

4. Layer dryer sheets in drawers or under cushions as air fresheners.

A Tip from eLocal:

For a quick fix, you can rub raw nuts on the shallow scratches in your wood floors. The oils will help mask the blemish.

5.Use leftover coffee grinds in place of cellulite creams & exfoliants. The main ingredient in most cellulite solutions is caffeine.

6.Re-use water. When waiting for the shower to warm up, collect the water in a bucket and use it to water your plants.

7. Coil unsightly and dangerous cords inside toilet paper or paper towel rolls, so they remain out of sight.

8. Use leftover yogurt, butter, or other containers as a portion-control Tupperware for leftovers.

A Tip from eLocal:

Enlist help form your kids when Craigslisting, and give tham a “commission” for all the items they help you sell. If you can’t sell something, give it away for free. You’re be surprised to see what people will take.

9. Plastic water bottles make great bird feeders.

10. Carefully smash colorful bottles and old bowls to create custom mosaic tiles for gardens and walkways.

11. Don’t forget about your garden! Use coffee grinds for the soil, newspaper as a weed deterrent, or old panty hose to tie plants to supporting sticks.

12.Newspapers are great for cleaning windows (no streaks!).

A Tip from eLocal:

Secure Magnets to the inside of your medicine cabinet. You can use them to hold nail clippers, tweezers, and other metal items in place. That way, They won’t go missing as they so often do when left out.

13. Old tissue boxes can be saved as plastic bag or garbage bag holders, and plastic bags can be saved for cleaning up after your dog on a walk.

14. Re-use sponges by microwaving them; it kills 99% of the bacteria.

15. Use old items as toys for the kids! Everyday household items like spoons, large cardboard boxes and plastic to-go containers fascinate younger children. Make items like noisemakers and shape sorters. For older children you can turn these into an arts and crafts projects.

This information was compiled from the answers provided by eLocal’s Blog-Off Experts. To see the original research, click here.
UPDATE:We also found this great article from PartSelect that lists creative ways to reuse appliance parts!

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