The Cost of Plumbing Service: Myths, Fears, and Facts

Cost of Plumbing Services

When you go out to eat for breakfast, do you ask the restaurant manager how much he paid for the eggs, potatoes, and bacon on your plate?

Of course not, though everyone expects the cost of the food to be marked up by a huge margin.

If you took a taxi to your breakfast, you’d fully expect to pay a trip charge as well as a tip.

But when it comes to plumbing, consumers sometimes have unfair expectations. They think, “If I knew how to solder, I could fix plumbing problems myself.”

They ask, “That faucet only costs $40 at the store, why are you charging so much to install it?” More goes into soldering pipes or installing a faucet than goes into most breakfasts.

Besides the charge for his expertise, you need to factor in that a plumber has the expense of a plumbing truck, tools, and parts. Not to mention a plumber is expected to have liability insurance and be trained to prevent or correct any potential problems that could occur during a service call.

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As a consumer, I can understand the fear of overpaying. However, the next time that you hire a plumber, try to consider all the expenses that go into plumbing work. That, or start bugging restaurant managers – you know, to be fair.

Greg Chick has been a water professional for over 30 years. Be sure to check out his website for more information.