Before you can choose an NPMA QualityPro Company, you need to understand what this means. The NPMA (National Pest Management Association) QualityPro Company provides the highest standards of service that are environmentally safe. Certificates are given to companies that meet standards for technician training, environmental stewardship, consumer relations and business operations.

The company must fill out an application and go through an interview process. A dress code is needed for all employees as well as background checks and drug testing. References must also be checked before any employee can become a team member. All employees are trained in the safe handling of pesticides as well as which pesticides are environmentally safe. Advertising for the business, customer relations and communications need to be practiced according to the guidelines of the NPMA. All employees must pass a QualityPro or state exam to receive recognition as a member of the NPMA.

If you need a professional exterminator that will provide high-quality, safe service, you should consider a company that is certified by the NPMA QualityPro. Pest management is something you need in order to protect your home. Hiring a company that is qualified for pest control through the NPMA will benefit you and your home. You are assured that the company you choose is professional in all work that they do.

Exterminators are everywhere, but not all of them are certified for service and performance. You can check on any pest control company to make sure they have the NPMA QualityPro endorsement. If you have a complaint, you can contact the NMPA and they will investigate your complaint. Look for an exterminator that displays the NPMA QualityPro logo for the best pest control service.

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