computer privacy and securityToday, people carry mobile units, computer devices, and laptops on a daily basis.

These items contain access to the user’s personal information.

Due to vulnerabilities in computer networks, computer privacy and security are important issues that when abused, can have serious consequences.

Spam, identity theft, and hacking are just a few of the serious issues that result when computer privacy and security laws are broken.

On a larger, government scale, Homeland Security and the nature of our government’s safety rest mainly in computer privacy and security.

No one is immune, from the top echelons of society to the common everyday computer user, privacy and security is critical to the well being of our society.

Employers and consumers alike must pay special attention to privacy and security as the consequences of failing to secure these areas may result in serious drawbacks to the computer user’s protection. It is important that employers utilize the services of an experienced lawyer specializing in computer security to ensure that they are working within the confines of the law.

Since computer laws are continually changing and being updated to reflect current needs, your lawyer must have verifiable experience in this field. An experienced lawyer can assist you in setting up private and secure networks, ensuring that your employee’s and work related information is encrypted in various hot spots, and create international policies that comply with all aspects of the Patriot Act.

Computer users must always be aware of the actions that unscrupulous people are planning. Telemarketing scams, Spam emails, and the sale of computer user’s personal data are on the rise. Computer users must know how to protect themselves in the areas of computer privacy and security.

If you are a computer user and believe that your rights have been violated due to identity theft or hijacking, consult a privacy and security lawyer.