Computer Crime


computer crimeThe Internet has been an amazing breakthrough in technology.

It has placed information, knowledge, and resources within the reach of all users with just a click of a mouse.

All of this information has not been without a price. Computer crimes are on the rise.

Computer crime laws may vary from state to state.

A person can be charged with a computer crime if any of the following actions are taken:
Accesses a computer network or system and steals data
Makes copies of programs
Damages programs or the network
Modifies or changes the system or vital programs
Uses the system without permission

Another aspect of a computer crime involves the use of creating and distributing viruses. A virus is a program that is created and released into a computer that will spread through a computer network. It may falsify information, change program functions, or steal personal data.

People who use computers in an attempt to defraud may face charges. Due to Spam laws, if a computer is used to falsify the source of an email sender, or used to hide that identity, a computer crime has been committed.

Internet Service Providers are the entities that provide computer service for the general public and businesses.

However, when someone taps into a computer ISP and steals information they are guilty of a computer crime.