Clover Mites

Clover Mites

A pest control company will tell you that clover mites are not so much of a problem inside homes during the spring and summer months, but fall months are when they move inside for food like houseplants. A typical female can lay 70 eggs at one time. This is amazing for an insect that is smaller than the head of a pin. Professional exterminators will know what to look for when inspecting homes to find the areas where the clover mites are nesting.

Because it is hard to see the clover mites, a professional exterminator is needed to find and eliminate every one of them. After eliminating the clover mite, a pest management plan is necessary to make sure they are completely gone from inside the house. A licensed and experienced exterminator will also give you advice on what to do outside of the home to keep them far away. If you have clover mites outside and need to eliminate them, there are appropriate and safe ways to do this that a professional exterminator will know. They will live by tree bark, cracks in fences and on mold growths on rooftops.

Exterminators will inspect all areas outside and inside the home to see where the infestations are the worst and work from there to eliminate the problem. If you do not know how to eliminate them safely, you should not try this yourself. You do need to know how to use the pesticides safely. You do not want to damage vegetation or harm the environment when working inside or outside doing any type of pest control. You can ask a licensed and insured exterminator for an estimate to see what the cost will be.