It doesn’t usually take a professional plumber to tell if you have a clogged sewer pipe.

Clogged sewer pipes can usually be spotted when the bathtub starts to regurgitate, when you flush the toilet or something similar.

Here are a couple of things you should know before deciding if you should tackle this job on your own.

First of all if you have PVC pipes in your house, using an over the counter drain cleaner can spell disaster for your plumbing. Often times these cleaners have a tendency to be so effective at attacking and dissolving things, they can actually attack the cement used to weld the pipes together.

Clogged sewer pipes can’t be freed by using drain cleaners. Not only can these cleaners destroy your plumbing but also most of the products out there can be very harmful to the environment not to mention the family and pets.

Plumbers will usually incorporate the use of such tools such as a “plumbing snake” to clear clogged sewer pipes. Usually you can pick up a plumbing snake at your local hardware store. The range of possibilities can be endless depending upon quality and length of the snake you may need.

The snake works by inserting the cable into the suspected blocked pipe. Once it feels like it is getting blocked, you rotate the handle forcing your way through the blockage and eventually it sends the gooey results back to you.

Obviously this job is not for the weak stomached person, or someone who is not up to handling things that were meant for a sewer.

Although there is always a way for the do it yourself minded person to accomplish any task, it is usually best to just hire a professional to do the job of clearing a clogged sewer pipe. Especially if you figure the amount of time it takes for you to buy the tools, set up the job, and actually troubleshoot the problem.

Most plumbers can be in and out in a decent amount of time compared to the average home DIY whiz.

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