A clogged basement drain can be a real headache.

The problem is you don’t usually know that you have a clogged basement drain until you’re standing in a considerable amount of water.

Don’t worry though; a professional plumber can fix this problem quickly.

You might be considering the idea of fixing the drain yourself but keep in mind that a clogged basement drain is completely different than a clogged toilet or sink.

The basement drain is attached to a large pipe and is usually the last stop for every other drain in the house. These factors make clearing a clog a much more difficult task. In fact, there may be multiple clogs that need to be resolved before you reach the primary clog.

If your drain does not have a clean-out plug, access for an auger snake will be extremely difficult, and you should call a professional plumber. A power auger is the preferred tool for a basement drain because the nature of the clog may require more power to break through.

If your drain does have a clean-out plug, you still aren’t out of the woods. You probably don’t have a power auger sitting around the house. Should you decide to take this project on yourself, you will need to find a local retailer who rents plumbing equipment. Not all power augers are created equally, so make sure you do a little research before heading off to the store.

All-in-all, while you probably could attempt to fix a clogged basement drain yourself which would definitely take up the better part of your day…. wouldn’t it be more relaxing to let a professional with the proper tools and know-how do the job right?

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