* Do you have frequent sewer line backups?
* Do you call the plumber more than twice a month?
* Do roots grow in your sewer line?
If so, you could be a victim of “The Clog.”

Cooking fat, oil and grease (FOG) is a leading cause of sewer pipe clogs. FOGs cool and congeal on the inner walls of sewer lines and on tree roots that grow in them, much like arterial sclerosis in our bodies. The resulting clog restricts sewage flow, which can cause a “stroke” of disaster, backing up in your home or property, or even in the street. In fact, kitchen grease is a leading cause of sewer spills in most cities.

To prevent THE CLOG follow this simple Recipe for Fat-Free Sewers:

1. Keep cooking fats, oils and grease out of drains.
2. Scrape plates and cookware and pour out all fats/grease into a container and place in the trash.
3. Use a plastic liner in the trash to prevent leaks.

If you suffer from THE CLOG, call a reputable plumber. Many plumbers have attended partnering workshops with local municipalities to learn the latest in sewage spill prevention regulations and best management practices. Visit www.ClogBusters.org and click “Got a Clog?” to view the current list.

If you prefer to remove the clog yourself, remember to use a snake. Don’t use caustic drain cleaners or copper-based root killers. Copper is toxic to aquatic life. And never use combustible solvents such as gasoline.

For additional information, please visit www.ClogBusters.org .

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