We’re always interested in helping people find the best lawyers for their case. Last week, we asked about legal specialties. This week, we’re curious to find out more about firm size. Just as with specialties, firm sizes and styles have an enormous range of variance. From international institutions with hundreds of attorneys to single room operations with a lone ranger of justice, firms are just as diverse as the lawyers who practice in them.

Why We’re Asking:

We know that big firms are often more competitive and fast-paced than smaller firms. Whereas small firms usually are slower-paced and more personable. But in the end, it is most important to choose a lawyer who will win your case. We wonder if the size of the firm has anything to do with success in the courtroom. We’re turning to our panel of lawyers to find out more.

So it’s time to weigh in:

How Important is Firm Size when Choosing a Lawyer?

Should I seek out a large firm or a small solo practice?

What are the advantages of each?

What are the disadvantages of each?

Is a middle of the road, smaller firm the best of both worlds?

What about firm types? LLPs? LLCs? General partnerships? Is one better than the other?

Check back throughout the week to see our lawyer’s comments!

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