With about half of marriages ending in divorce, it is no surprise that it has affected all of us either directly or indirectly. Divorce is always hard, but it is hardest when there are children involved. This week we are looking into child custody, arguably the most difficult component of divorce to couples with children because emotions run high. We want to learn more about how child support and child custody are determined.

Why we’re asking:

To most divorcing couples, their first concern will naturally be their children. The well-being of their children is important to them, and they’re concerned about how parenting will work once the divorce is finalized. Many parents fear not being able to see their children at all after divorce. Child custody and child support tend to quickly become heated battles. We want to learn more about the process to understand how such decisions are made, and what parents can do to make the process less painful.

We look to our legal resource network to learn more:

How are child support and child custody determined?

Are there really any advantages to being the mother or father in earning custody rights?

How should parents ensure they put their best face forward in court?

What child custody arrangements are most common?

We look forward to learning more about this sensitive topic.

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