child abuse neglectChild abuse and neglect are very serious charges.

During a divorce it isn’t uncommon for one parent to falsely accuse the other parent of child abuse and neglect.

The purpose of this false claim is to get sole custody of the children. Not only is this dishonest, it is very harmful to the children who are involved.

Courts do not look favorably on this behavior and if it is disproved, the parent who lied may find that the tables turn against them quickly.

Child abuse and neglect are felony crimes. A parent making these false claims might not realize the impact of the statements they are making.

If you are in the process of seeking a divorce and feel that your spouse may try to make false child abuse and neglect accusations against you, or if you have been accused falsely of these charges, your best defense is to hire a divorce lawyer who has a proven track record in divorce cases.

Your lawyer will asses the allegations and help you devise a strategy that will prove to the court that you are a fit parent and the allegations are unfounded.