Cedar Shakes


Typically, cedar shakes create a simple and beautiful look.

They have been very popular in California and West Coast architecture for many years and are often preferred over metal, asphalt, slate or shingle roofs.

However, though Cedar Shakes are beautiful, they must be treated specifically for several concerns.

They must be weather proofed, well maintained, and treated with chemicals to ensure that they are fire proof and resistant to mold, mildew, fungus and decay.

One of the greatest enemies of cedar shakes is water. Though you may assume that since cedar is a tree it would be naturally resilient towards water, Cedar shakes must be treated to prevent them from deteriorating due to excess moisture.

Cedar has natural weather resistant properties making it an excellent roofing material. It is also a natural insect repellent, which makes it a popular choice in roofing materials.

Once the shakes are treated, you will find that they will last for a very long time and are a wonderful addition to your home.Because Cedar Shakes can become extremely slippery when wet, it is best to leave all cleaning to a professional. You should also make certain that there are no low reaching tree branches hanging directly over your Cedar roof as this debris can lead to increased deterioration. You should arrange to have your roof inspected twice each year by a professional roofer and if you find that any of your shakes are cracked or warped, have them replaced immediately by the roofing contractor. It is best to replace damaged shakes as they occur then to try to repair them at a later time. Again, it is best to call a professional roofer to handle the repairs. There are many types of roofs and it is always best to consult your local roofer to find out if cedar shakes would be the best roofing option for your home.