Buy Value, Not Price


When looking for an exterminator or pest control company, you need to buy value, not price. If you choose a company because they can give you the cheapest price, you might miss other advantages of the more expensive exterminator. Pest control is not just about coming to your home and applying the pesticides, it is about pest management. One thing to look for before selecting the best company is if they are certified and insured. The next thing you need to know about the pest control professional is if they guarantee a home without any pests after applying the pesticides.

Pest management is important to keep the pest from coming back. You need to find out if your estimate includes periodic follow-up appointments. If not, that means you will have additional costs in the future. Buying value, not price, is something you need to look at in your total pest control estimate. If a cheaper price does not include everything a more expensive estimate does, you have to consider the price of the additional things that you will need in the future that are not included in the cheaper estimate.

For the most part, you get what you pay for. You have to compare and find out why one estimate is more expensive and the other is cheaper. Is the pest control company insured and certified? Are the exterminators offering management plans for future pest control? These are important things to look at when you are considering hiring a company for value vs. overall price. Pest control is something that cannot be done once and forgotten about. You need to have future inspections to prevent re-infestations.