Broken water heater?

Not something you want to happen.

It is expensive situation and can ruin an otherwise perfect day.

I realized there was a problem with my water heater about ten minutes into my shower when all the hot water disappeared and was replaced by ice-cold water.

I immediately called a plumber to replace the broken water heater, which will be your first step. What I wish I knew then is what I know now: with a little simple maintenance, anyone can avoid the headache of a broken water heater.

An important part of water heater maintenance is draining and flushing the water heater tank. Not only will this reduce the build-up of potentially damaging sediment inside the tank, it has the added benefit of keeping your water smelling fresh.

Before you get started, make sure that you turn down the water temperature setting on your water heater and let it sit for a few hours. Be sure to make the other members of your household aware of this fact or you will be sure to hear about it later.

Once the water in the tank has cooled, attach a hose to the bottom of the drain valve and position the other end of the hose at a drain or outside of the house. At this point, turn off the cold water supply and open a hot water faucet in the house long enough to allow air into the top of the tank. Finally, open the drain valve of the water tank.

Once all the water has drained from the tank, open and close the cold water supply valve. Doing this a few times should break up any sediment left at the bottom of the tank and allow it to drain from the tank. When the water leaving the tank runs clear, close the drain valve, remove your hose and make sure that the cold water supply valve is open to allow water to fill the tank.

Don’t forget to turn up the water temperature or you will be in for an unwanted surprise during the next morning’s shower.

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