An updated bathroom can increase the value of your home. A significant part of that cost and update is the bathtub. A bathtub can generally cost anywhere from $200 to $2,500 plus delivery for normal sized tubs. Keep in mind that the plumber (or you if you decide to go the DIY route) will need to perform the following actions:

The plumber will need to disconnect the existing plumbing, remove the old tub, install the new tub, connect the new plumbing, and perform tile repair and patch work.

Surprisingly, it is not the bathtub installation cost itself that will be daunting, but rather the associated cost of tile removal, and relaying the new tile once the new bathtub has been installed. This cost can be anywhere from $700 to $2,000, depending on the amount of patch work needed as well as any connecting plumbing that may need to be updated.

Check Your Infrastructure

If you are upgrading to a larger tub, do you have the proper pipes installed? That is, smaller pipes are meant for smaller tubes, and a bigger tub may require bigger pipes. Similarly, if you are upgrading to a bigger tub, do you know if the floor will support the extra water-weight? For answers to these questions about bathtub installation costs, it is best to check with a qualified plumber or contractor.

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One thing to easily overlook is the size of the new bathtub. That is, can it squeeze through your bathroom door? If not, the bathtub installation cost will be significantly higher due to the fact that the door frame will have to be removed.

A Complete Bathtub Install is Too much – Do I have any other options?

Another option worth investigating is getting custom-made bath and shower installation that can be installed right over top of the exiting fixtures. This technique doesn’t disrupt tiles, walls, flooring, or plumbing, which as described above, can be costly. These made-to-fit bathtubs are generally made from high-gloss acrylic, so they won’t crack, chip, peel, rust, or mildew. Your local Home Depot and Lowe’s generally offer this type of service.

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