Bathtub drain removal is, from my own personal experience, far easier than replacing a bathtub drain.

Before you get all excited about the upcoming project, slow down and figure out the right way to do the job before you run into major problems.

There’s one problem that is fairly common with a bathtub drain removal.

It could be that the portion of the drain where you need to attach your tool is either already broken or will break off in the process of trying to unscrew the drain. This can leave you angry, frustrated and unsure of how to continue.

Keep in mind at this point that you will still need the existing threads to screw in the new bathtub drain. So hacking or drilling or any other idea involving massive destruction or sawing should be avoided.

There comes a time in every do-it-yourself project when you have to ask yourself two questions:
Is this something that I have the ability and time to continue doing myself?
If I continue to try this myself will I make a bad situation worse?

If the answer to either of those questions is “Yes” then it’s time to call in a professional plumber. He or she knows all the tricks and has all the tools to do the job right.

You could be sitting on the couch watching the game instead of spending the rest of the day frustrated and possibly making an already bad situation a whole lot worse.

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