Last week, tropical storm Isaac turned into a fully blown hurricane. Now, thousands of homeowners in Louisiana are dealing with flooded homes, power outages and extensive property damage. As they begin to pick up the pieces, many families are desperately searching for help, which can put them at risk for scams.
Returning to normal is always a complicated and stressful process. Insurance claims need filing, property loss needs evaluating and professional help needs hiring. Unfortunately, there are contractors and businesses out there who would take advantage of homeowners, and we want to help storm victim families to avoid them and get the right help as soon as possible. Our experts represent some of the most trusted names in the home improvement business. Last week, we asked them how to ensure that you’re dealing with honest contractors when you’re most vulnerable.
We’ve rounded up the best tips below. Check back later in the week for our wrap-up post on avoiding the biggest scams in home improvement.