attic and exhaust fansIf your home has an attic it can get extremely hot in the summer months.

This extreme heat causes the hot air to stay in the home fighting the cooling system.

Hot air rises and goes to the upstairs and into the attic. Without an attic exhaust fan, the hot air sits in the attic, which can create a problem for the rooms closest to the attic.

Many homes have roof or side vents for releasing the hot air. These can work well, but in some cases, you might need an exhaust fan to force take the hot air out of the home.

During the winter months, you need to remove the moisture that moves to the attic from the rooms in your home.

By using an attic exhaust fan, you can accomplish a reduction in both your heating and cooling bills.

The exhaust fan needs to be installed correctly for this to work properly and to effectively lower your energy bills.

Installing the exhaust fan in the attic is not as easy as you may think. You need to have the proper wiring, fan size and speed. The fan needs to be fitted for the size of the attic to properly ventilate it and to take the heat and moisture effectively away from the home.

If you need a fan installed, you should call a professional and experienced electrician. They will know where to place the fan for the most effective ventilation.

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