assault batteryAssault and Battery, the act of instilling fear in a victim followed by violence, is a criminal offense.

To explain further; causing someone to fear they will be struck is assault. Battery is the actual physical act of striking an individual.

Combined you have the criminal charge of assault and battery.

Assault can be described as threatening an individual with bodily harm and injury, causing the person to fear for their safety.

Battery can be defined as actually causing physical injury to another person. The victim does not have to suffer a serious injury to be battered. Sometimes, just an attacker using force to intimidate their victim can result in a charge of battery.

There are certain situations where someone may become injured due to the actions of another, however the use of force is justified and will not constitute a charge of assault and battery. An example of this may be when two or more people are playing contact sports and one becomes injured during the game. Though the actions of another person may have caused the injury, all players had previously consented to playing in the game. If you are concerned as to whether or not charges against you are substantiated, you will need to see a criminal defense attorney at once.