social securityMost people expect to receive Social Security benefits when they reach the required age.

However, a medical need or condition may qualify you for Social Security benefits.

You must make application and prove that you have a medical need or condition that qualifies you for the benefits.

If your application for benefits has been denied, you have every legal right to appeal the decision made by the Social Security Administration.

The services of an attorney is necessary to appeal the Social Security benefit assessment. The attorney will be able to determine the best course of action or strategy for your appeal, as well as represent you as your case goes before the Administrative law judge.

There are basically four different areas or levels of appeal:
a reconsideration of your case,
having a hearing that is held before the administrative law judge,
a review by the Appeals Council and a federal court review.

A consultation with an attorney will put you on the right track to take the appropriate action.