Should I Be Home While My Roof Is Being Repaired or Replaced?

by Team eLocal
A building contractor is installing underlayment, a layer of bitumen tape on sheathing for overall roof protection at the ridge of the rooftop on the house construction, repairing.

Having your roof repaired or replaced is an expensive project, so you might find yourself wondering if you can stay at home to avoid paying for alternative accommodations.

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The answer depends on the type of work and your home's layout. Below, you can find out when you should stay home during roof replacement — and when to go elsewhere.

Should I Stay Home While Roofers Repair My Roof?

Whether you should stay home during roof repairs depends on the extent of the project. Often, you can remain at home if the repairs are minor. However, there are some advantages to going elsewhere while roofers carry out extensive repairs.

Some roof repairs are dangerous because of the risk of falling debris. Leaving your home can also give the roofers more space to work, which could allow them to complete the job faster. Some people also find it less stressful to book into a hotel for a few days instead of living on a building site.

Overall, the best person to advise you on whether to stay or go is your contractor. They can tell you whether the repairs pose a risk to your family and explain how to stay safe if you decide to stay.

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Can I Stay Home While My Roof Is Replaced?

It's sometimes possible to stay home while roofers replace your roof, but it isn't always the best option. Like repairs, replacing a roof can dislodge toxins, and it could be unsafe if there's falling debris. It's also noisy work, which could make your home a stressful place to be. People with single-story homes can't stay home during a full roof replacement because there won't be any shelter from the elements, and houses can get extremely cold in winter without an intact roof.

However, there are some potential benefits to staying put. Staying at home allows you to supervise the contractor's work, and you won't have to pay for hotel accommodations. It could also be more convenient if you need all your belongings on hand.


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