Featured Question by Bante Design: What is the difference between an architect and interior designer? When do you hire a handyman over a specific type of contractor? Can’t I just do this myself?

These questions regarding what type of professional to hire (or if you should hire outside help at all) baffle homeowners everyday. Sometimes homeowners want to go at it themselves to save money. Other times, they just don’t understand what professionals do and why they are necessary.

Why We’re Asking:

DeAnna Radaj of Bante Design, suggested our 7th Blog-Off question. Bante Design LLC specializes in Integrative Lifestyle Design (ILD): healthy design solutions for the home, office or retail space. ILD is a fusion of Eastern (Feng Shui) and Western (eco-friendly, healthy home) design philosophies while taking into account client’s needs, goals and lifestyle requirements.

We asked DeAnna what inspired the question. She said it is a topic that comes up a lot on her radio show and at speaking engagements. For homeowners, some tend to not know exactly what hiring a professional entails. Some get confused as to which professional is appropriate for which job, while others believe they can do the same thing for less money. DeAnna explained,

“I’ve heard homeowners say ‘I can pick out a color and paint. Why would I hire someone?’, obviously not realizing what actually goes into a well-designed space,”

She also explained how this is often a debate among the professional community.

“I’ve had ‘words’ with those in other disciplines (architects and contractors) who feel that since they are ‘in the trade’ they know how to design a room,” DeAnna said. “When I respond regarding the psychology of space in furniture placement, color theory/therapy, or what color to use in what room and why, they’ll usually go ‘huh, I didn’t know that.’ So it’s not only the education of the public at large, but education within the industry as to what other trades know and how they view others.”

So experts, it’s time to fill our homeowners in:

When and why should a homeowner hire a home professional?

Whether it be an interior designer, contractor, consultant, or installer, what is the reason to hire a professional?
When is it appropriate to hire and when should you DIY?
Are there any jobs that you shouldn’t hire out (i.e. maybe it is not the best use of a professional’s time)?
Most importantly, which jobs are appropriate for which profession (we encourage a breakdown by trade or definitions of what each trade typically does!)? Do you believe there should be differentiation?
Or can one professional do it all?
Lastly, as always, how does price factor into all of this?

Experts, post your answers in the comment field below!