Traditional water heaters should be replaced every 8-12 years.

Most homeowners do not inspect water heaters regularly, which could lead to repairs due to leaks, bad valves, corrosion around incoming and outgoing pipes, and rusting around the bottom of the water heater.

Water heaters are not difficult to install yourself, but it is wise to use a professional plumber.

Having a professional plumber install your water heater guarantees that the work is done correctly and without any problems.

The pipes need to be installed correctly and the fittings have to be secure and tight.

The water heaters also need proper placement in the area where it will sit. A level ground is preferred. Water heaters that are hooked up to hard water supplies might have corrosion around the pipes going out of the water heater that will cause leaking.

If you have a leak, the water heater and water pressure will not be there when you need it. If the corrosion damages the top of the water heater, you are going to need a new one. Because this is a big job and you want the services of a professional plumber.

The temperature control valve might also become defective and regulating the temperature of the water will then be impossible.

The typical problem with water heaters is rusting around the bottom. As the tanks get older, they sometimes show signs of wear. If you have had flooding in your basement, this also adds to the rusting problem. Once the bottom rusts out, the water in the tank leaks out and you will have no hot water and a huge water bill, if you do not catch it soon enough.

If you notice any crusty corrosion around pipes or rusting, you might want to have a local plumber look at it before it starts to leak. You can find many brands and types of water heaters at

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