Toilet drain installation is a lot more complicated than simply running a pipe to your home’s main exit drain and sitting the toilet on top. In fact, toilet drain installation is one of the more difficult installations that you can attempt. Not only is the job difficult because of restricted access, there are important building code considerations that need to be properly addressed when completing this kind of installation.

If you do not know your local building code or if you do not have the knowledge to do the job right, call a licensed plumber to install your new toilet drain. Incorrect installation of the toilet drain can lead to a number of problems.

One of the biggest concerns with the toilet drain is making sure that it is properly ventilated. Air needs to be able to flow through your pipes just as easily as water does. Failure to install proper ventilation will lead to many future headaches down the line. In fact, if there are problems with the toilet drain, they can affect the rest of the plumbing in the bathroom.

Another concern when attempting to install a toilet drain is that some of the work will need to be completed under the house. While some do-it-yourselfers live for this kind of activity, there are many others who would just as well leave that kind of work to someone else.

It is always important to understand the entire scope of a project before you begin. It is much better to have a plan in place and be able to hand off a project to a professional at a point where you are positive that the work you have completed is correct. Nothing feels worse than getting stuck on a project, calling in a professional plumber half-way through and watching him or her have to redo everything.

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