It’s a hard world out there for anybody just getting started in a career. Many young would-be professionals don’t know where to start when it comes to finding a good job, much less starting their own business. This is especially evident in home improvement, where many professionals are running their own companies, which they built from the ground up. Needless to say, getting started in the home improvement industry is a daunting task! Where do you even start?

Why We’re Asking:

Our experts have all been around the block a few times in their respective fields, and most of them run their own businesses. They’ve been in the position of trying to get their company off the ground while still figuring out how everything works. If anybody knows the ins and outs of getting started in the industry, it’s our experts. That’s why we’re seeking their advice, in hopes of finding a few pointers for the next generation of would-be home improvement professionals.

So tell us, experts:

How do you get started in the home improvement business?

What kind of education do you need to be qualified?
Should would-be professionals go to trade school, or get an apprenticeship? Or both?
What advice do you wish you’d had when you were just starting out?

It’s hard out there for someone just starting out in their career. With some advice from our professionals, we hope to make it a little easier–or at least a little bit less scary!

Experts, post your answers in the comment field below!