Resources for Adoptive Families


When it comes time to build a family, there are a lot of different options. For many, adoption is the way to go, because it gives a home to a child who needs it and might not otherwise get it. However, many people are hesitant about adopting children because there are a lot of complications that can arise, both in terms of financial care, and legally. This week, we’re turning to our legal professionals to find out what kinds of resources are out there to help adoptive families after the adoption has gone through.

Why we’re asking:

Adopted children are just as loved and cared for as biological children, but some issues can arise that you wouldn’t see with a biological child. Things like interactions with the original parents, or even receiving financial help to care for them, can get complicated quickly. The paperwork doesn’t always stop just because the adoption papers are signed, and adoptive parents might not know where to turn for help sorting out these extra problems. That’s why we’re asking our legal professionals for their help pointing adoptive families toward resources designed to help them after the papers have been filed.

Professionals, share your thoughts below:

What resources are out there for adoptive families?

Are there federal or state subsidies for adoptive families?

How about counseling services?

What support networks are in place to help adoptive families?

Do you have any favorite advocacy organizations that focus on adoption?

What legal issues might adoptive families face after the adoption has been made official?

Adopting a child can really change their life and your own, and it’s a big responsibility. Luckily, there are resources in place to help adoptive families ensure their new child is taken care of. We look forward to hearing about some of the best resources for adoptees!

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