Is your bathroom boring? If so, one of the main culprits is probably your bathtub.

The bathtub takes up most of the room in the bathroom. If it looks bad, the whole thing looks bad.

If you are looking to update the look of your bathroom, the bathtub is the first place to look. And the first question you need to ask yourself is…

Is your bathtub brand new, or has it seen a few years of wear and tear?

I’m guessing it looks a bit more like the latter. If so, you may want to consider a total bathroom makeover. You might redo the sink, install a new floor, or replace the bathtub with a shower.

Do yourself a favor! That moldy bathtub is no way to treat yourself after a hard day at the office.

In the movies, we’re used to seeing actors in the bathtub alone or perhaps with a special someone. But let look beyond romance for a second. What’s the scene like? Specifically the condition of the bathroom….

Well for one, the paneling is exquisite. The floors are usually exotic looking, perhaps hardwood even. There are many scented candles, serving both to lighten dim and add that sensual aroma to the air. And there’s always, always, an “unseen” stereo playing relaxing music that…well…is enjoyable while soaking in the suds.

So let me ask you…why can’t your bathtub be like that?

With a bit of motivation and a dedicated professional, it certainly can. And there’s plenty you can do now that will add to the beauty of the final product.

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For starters, make a list of what you want the bathroom to look like. The scented candles and stereo are easy enough. But what about the more work-intensive stuff? Do you want to rip out the shaggy rug and put in tile? Replace the bathtub with a shower? Add some flora? The possibilities are endless!

When you are done the list, call a professional to discuss the arrangements. Before long, you will living the good life in your very own bathroom retreat.

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