questioning studentsWhen authorities question students, many parents wonder whether or not their child’s civil rights have been violated.

There are many reasons why school or law officials would question students. Some of these involve if the student was involved in a crime, witnessed suspicious activity, or have information regarding an incident that the school board is investigating.

Under situations like this, a police officer or other law official may be present during the questioning.

This may make students feel very intimidated and can cause great concern for parents when they hear about the incident. It is important to understand that school boards have a lot of liberty when it comes to ensuring that children are kept safe.

Another instance that may cause parents great alarm is when they find out that their child was asked questions regarding his or her personal family life. School officials have a responsibility to ensure that all of their students are safe from harm, neglect, and abuse.

In fact, the government relies greatly upon school officials and the role that they play in identifying cases of child abuse and neglect and contacting the proper authorities to ensure that children are protected. However, when innocent parents discover that their children have been questioned they immediately feel a sense of fear that quickly gives way to anger.

If you believe that your civil rights have been violated due to school or law officials questioning your child then you should schedule an appointment with a lawyer.

Sometimes children will display emotional or psychological trauma or issues after being questioned by officials, and if this is the case, your lawyer will give you his or her professional opinion regarding whether or not you have a legitimate case.

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