nursing homeWhen family members choose a nursing home to handle the daily routine and care of their loved ones, they expect that the home will meet the challenges and provide exceptional care in a professional and diligent manner.

Unfortunately, not all nursing homes are living up to the requirements set before them and are not fulfilling their obligations to those for whom they care.

It’s important for family members to know the signs of nursing home abuse and take the appropriate actions if they suspect that their loved ones have been abused in a nursing home.

Family members must realize that they may be the only legal recourse that their loved ones have if they have been abused in a nursing home. It is important to recognize the signs of abuse and understand that abuse may be more than physical. Psychological abuse may also be inflicted upon nursing home residents and it is also a violation of law.

If you suspect that a loved on residing in a nursing home has been the victim of either physical or psychological abuse, you should contact a lawyer who specializes in civil and criminal law.

Be prepared to present the lawyer all the evidence you have pointing to the nursing home’s abuse or neglect. Failure to ensure proper medical treatment is also a form of abuse and should be mentioned to the lawyer as well.